Eco House Cleaning

Why not hire the highest rated all green home cleaning company in Asheville? Our experience in eco house cleaning in Asheville and Hendersonville gives us an advantage over the competition. We use citrus, baking soda, vinegar & other healthy alternatives to make your home cleaner than ever!

LemonZ - Eco House Cleaning
Serving the Asheville Area Since 2005


It was Summer 2005. Our founder, Lucia had recently moved to Asheville NC from Brazil. She had taken some odd jobs cleaning homes to make extra money. During one of her first year's projects, after bringing some of her own cleaning products to clean a home, as she normally did, the home-owner approached Lucia to ask "will that citrus cleaner really clean as well as my chemical de-greaser?", Lucia replied, "why yes!”  ....People are pumping chemicals-galore into their homes with spray bottles. In Brazil, Lucia cleaned with citrus cleaners all the time. There's no greasy dirty residue that stands a chance against these high-powered citrus cleaners, and little and big lungs are thanking us all the time. Lucia became aware of how many homes are using harsh chemicals and she decided she would hold to what she knew was right; Lung-safe cleaning products ONLY. She would go on to start the LemonZ - Eco House Cleaning Company in an effort to better deliver her hard-working talents and cleaning product magic to her local community. Check out some research here about how well CITRUS cleans.

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“Lucia and her team have provided impeccable cleaning services to us for 3 years now. I highly recommend her due to her knack for quality, and bright attitude. Will continue to book”


Lisa, Fletcher


“We have been overjoyed with the detailed work the LemonZ team have done this year. We now know how important and possible it is to keep those terrible chemicals our of the home cleaning process"


Mary & Andrew, Mills River

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